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Start strong with a professional implementation processes

When you become a Talentech customer, our professional implementation team ensures that your processes are supported in our systems. We offer hands-on education that is specific to your needs, allowing you to get quickly and efficiently started in your new system.

Get up and running quickly with your new HR systems. Do you want to know more? Read more about our implementation process below.

Tailored implementation creates value

At Talentech, we start with a personal and targeted implementation, with support at every stage. Together we ensure a smooth system implementation, start-up, and configuration so you can make an impact from day one.


Flexible implementation process

At Talentech, we know that no two customers are alike. Everyone has different needs and available resources. We take this into account in the implementation phase with flexible timelines that work for you.


High-quality implementation

Our implementation team consists of passionate, experienced product specialists, who devote the necessary time and resources to understand your needs and processes, for a flawless setup experience.


Talentech's implementation process in 4 steps

An overview of what an implementation process typically looks like at Talentech.

1. Planning and start-up meeting

Step 1 consists of an initial welcome call, where the implementation process is reviewed to align expectations and ensure everyone is on the same page. Here we also review any relevant implementation documents and discuss any more practical items that need to be in place before we get started.

2. Preparation for workshop

Step 2 is designed to get you ready for your deep-dive training workshop. We’ll prepare a number of documents and information templates for you complete and submit and you’ll need to put together a good outline of how you’d like your future HR processes to look.

3. Training workshop

Step 3 of implementation consists of one or more targeted training workshops, where our specialists will offer practical training on your new systems. The number of workshops and the content in each will depend on the systems in question. Step 3 is also where we set up processes to ensure that you and your team receive the right guidance, training, and support - short and long term.


The launch of your platform is the final step of a Talentech implementation. We go live when there is a mutual agreement that your systems are complete and ready to use.

It is our job and responsibility to ensure that your new systems work as intended and live up to what has been agreed without errors and delays. Our teams are always fully available on launch day to support, advise or even simply celebrate your success!

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