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Top rated onboarding system

Create tailored onboarding and offboarding journeys for your employees so they can get to know your company and their team, complete tasks, view progress, communicate with colleagues, fill in online forms, and much more. Our mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform facilitates a seamless experience whether they're joining or leaving your organization. 


Nathan R.
Nathan R.
Great Onboarding Software Overall, we've loved it! ☺It simplifies virtually every aspect of the onboarding process! ☹It does not always integrate well with other products.q
Georgina H.
Georgina H.
ManpowerGroup ☺As we are not launched yet and still in the build phase i can only comment on the great support myself and my team have had from you guys, you make it a pleasure to work on and nothing seems too much. Helping us on a journey to a new approach is not easy task but you have made it fun so far! ☹Nothing yet as we are not live users, so far no concerns raised though.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Talmundo took our onboarding to the next level ☺possibility to connect with new hirees from the moment the signed their contract up to well after they started. Have them already train themselves in your values, let them meet their manager and team members, wander around virtually in your office spaces. ☹integration with other platforms isn't always as easy at it should be (but isn't that almost always the case)
Tim C.
Tim C.
Simple and straightforward ☺Easy to implement and simple and straightforward focus on onboarding. Programming the onboarding process and allowing to focus on the real added value of welcoming newcomers in person and discussing their role and objectives. ☹If anything the reporting on the concrete usage and where people clicked and how long they remained engaged for the content that is available can take some steps forwards still.

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Top rated on- and offboarding

Talentech offers best practice onboarding software for busy HR professionals and managers who need to be able do more with less. This means less administration and more automation ensuring streamlined onboarding experiences for each and every hire.  

The result? An onboarding solution that is easy for HR and managers to use, and onboarding experiences that motivate and empower new hires to thrive and perform their best.

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Our Onboarding system is loved by more than 350 companies in the Nordics and Europe. Below you can take a guided tour inside the system and experience for yourself what they love the most about Talentech Onboarding.

What our customers say

The whole experience has been enhanced through multiple touchpoints from ManpowerGroup in a perfect combination of human and digital harmony.

Georgina Huntley

Head of Employee Career & Development

We have been able to free a lot of time for other important HR tasks, which allows me to work more efficiently with all of our recruitments and employee data. This is of great value to me as an HR professional.

Jeanette Horty Stenrøjl

HR Director, Gabriel A/S

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Onboarding features

Experience & content

  • Customizable content pages
  • Timed content delivery
  • Short-form pulse checks
  • Multi-tab page builder
  • Integrated buddy system
  • Company fact carousel
  • Onboardee introductions
  • Quiz and questionnaire builder
  • Key contact framework
  • Centralized information hubs

Support & Service

  • Onboarding academy
  • Agile implementation
  • In-depth team training
  • Multi-language support
  • In-app technical support
  • Regular consultations
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Free webinars, educational blogs, guides and more

Process & Admin

  • Onboardee segmentation
  • Custom reporting & insights
  • Customized to your brand
  • Responsive task management
  • Flexible form templates
  • Remote-friendly
  • Tailored terminology
  • Multi-language content
  • Internal benchmarking
  • Unlimited email templates

  • ADD-ON
    • Reboarding
    • Crossboarding
    • Offboarding

APIs & integrations

  • Marketplace with plug and play integrations
  • Developer friendly APIs
  • Customized integrations
  • Webhooks


  • Digital chatbot
  • Pre-scheduled email prompts
  • Auto-prompt task notifications
  • Bulk data uploads
  • Timed and automated content

Security & Compliance

  • GDPR
  • Accessibility (WCAG)
  • Single Sign On & Two factor authentification
  • SSL, Data and Email encryption
  • Security audits
  • Advanced permission settings
  • Built on Microsoft Azure
  • Tailored data views
  • Email and interface logging
  • Multi-device support

Feature highlights

Onboarding task manager

  • Easily create, assign and manage onboarding tasks

  • Ensure task completion with automatic notifications

  • Automate repetitive tasks through interactive workflows

  • Apply filters to tasks to enroll them into the right onboarding journeys


  • Create engaging preboarding journeys to create excitement
  • Manage administrative and practical tasks before day one
  • Share good-to-know content to prepare and empower new hires
  • Use video, images etc. to give new hires a feel for your people and culture

AI chatbot

  • Answer all your new hires’ questions in an efficient way.
  • Be there for your new hires whenever and wherever they need you
  • Give new hires a tool to find the right information
  • Easily feed the chatbot with data and information

Popular onboarding add-ons

We offer several add-ons to our onboarding system in order to meet your needs as they grow. The add-ons can easily be switched on and off to your solution, which makes it even more simple for you to start using them.


Benefits of Talentech onboarding

There are many benefits of choosing Talentech's onboarding system. Below are some of those that our customers value the most. 

From overwhelming administration to smooth automation

Onboarding new hires can be time-consuming and often full of repetitive tasks that involve lots of coordination and follow up.

With Talentech Onboarding you can say goodbye to inefficient spreadsheets and endless email chains and instead welcome:

  • Centralized data management
  • Efficient task management
  • Timed and automated content delivery
  • And much more…


From inconsistent to streamlined onboarding experiences

Onboarding experiences often depend on individual managers. They shouldn’t. All your new hires deserve a great onboarding experience.

With Talentech Onboarding you will be able to empower managers with streamlined and user-friendly onboarding tools that give all new hires a good onboarding experience.

  • Automations and notifications
  • Task management
  • Pre-scheduled e-mail prompts
  • Templates
  • Interactive content like forms, quizzes etc.



From one-size-fits-all to custom onboarding journeys at scale

Not all new hires need the same type of onboarding. But customizing onboarding journeys can be demanding and a time-consuming task.

Talentech Onboarding enable you to set up tailored onboarding journeys for different employee types. And we’ve made it simple to create, deliver, and track the progress of each personalized journey. Set up once. Apply again and again.

  • Custom onboarding journeys per job type, location etc.
  • Onboardee segmentation
  • Customizable content pages
  • Onboardee introductions
  • Customize to your brand

From insecure to engaged and productive new hires

New hires have many questions, and they need ongoing support in their new job. Without the right tools in place this often requires a lot from managers, colleagues, and HR.

With Talentech Onboarding you can turn new hires into confident employees that feel empowered and become proficient faster.

  • Preboarding to engage new hires before day 1
  • Chatbot to assist new hires 24/7
  • Timed and personalized information and training
  • Integrated buddy system
  • Centralized information hubs



From no-shows and leavers to engaged and committed employees

Neglecting new hire retention is expensive and unsustainable. New hires leave for a reason and you need to know why in order to prevent it.

Talentech Onboarding makes it simple to gauge new hire satisfaction, identify areas of improvement, and implement changes promptly. This helps you ensure both short- and long-term retention.

  • New hire pulse checks
  • Real-time analytics
  • Content engagement
  • New hire statistics
  • Chatbot insights

Experience how others succeed with Talentech onboarding

Learn how your peers use Talentech onboarding to successfully onboarding new hires



More about onboarding systems

What is an onboarding system?

An onboarding system helps your company facilitate processes to ensure learning, communication, compliance and great relations between you and new hires. The purpose of an onboarding system is to ensure a dynamic and valuable onboarding of new hires that empowers them in their new job and makes them feel safe and part of their new team and workplace.

What can an onboarding system help you with?

An onboarding system gives you an overview of all onboarding tasks and makes it easy to create, delegate, and follow up on tasks. It also allows you to automate repetitive tasks, workflows and more. A good onboarding system empowers new hires to perform well and as fast as possible. It helps you organize and ensure that new hires continuously receive the right information, training, etc. and are integrated into your company culture and social life. Collectively, it helps you improve time-to-productivity, retention and motivation amongst new hires, while also preventing the costs of bad recruitments.

Why invest in an onboarding system?

An investment in an onboarding system can make the world of difference to whether you succeed in engaging and integrating new employees into your company. Here are 3 reasons why it is a great idea to invest in an onboarding system:

Employee satisfaction
Onboarding that ensures a timed and planned out delivery of information, training, and engaging activities is of great importance for the satisfaction of new employees. In other words, onboarding is vital for empowering new employees in their new job through knowledge, tools and relationships that make them feel satisfied and part of the company.

New hire retention
With an onboarding system and planned out onboarding processes, you are better equipped for aligning new hires’ expectations with those of the company’s. A good onboarding system will help you ensure the necessary learning and inspiration throughout both preboarding and onboarding, which will help you motivate and empower new hires. Collectively, this will make them feel better prepared for their new responsibilities reducing the number of no-shows and leavers.

Improved performance
With a good onboarding system you’ll be able to customize onboarding journeys to different job types, locations etc., which is key for each new hire to experience a relevant onboarding process. With relevant, timed, and planned out onboarding processes you’ll be able to shorten your new hires’ time-to-productivity as well as improve engagement and retention rates.

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