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With Talentech's HR platform, you can manage and optimize the full talent journey from A-Z - from attraction, recruitment, and onboarding to talent management, retention, and offboarding. The full talent journey. In one place.

The full talent journey - in short

The 6 stages of the talent journey

1. Attraction

Attraction, also known as proactive recruitment or employer branding. The goal of attraction is to ensure that your dream candidates want to work for your organization. To do well, you need to know WHO your candidates are and HOW you can connect with them. You also need to have a good corporate culture to capture your ideal candidate’s attention.

At Talentech, we offer several solutions that can help you attract candidates. irecommend helps HR create an engaging culture of employee referrals, saving time, money, and resources, and delivering employer brand wins and better candidates. Our recruitment systems offer best practice recruitment tools, which can help you attract the right candidates for your company.

Read more about employee referrals with irecommend

2. Recruitment

Simply put, a recruitment process includes three stages: Preparation, Identification, and Selection. Today, some of the biggest challenges in recruitment are creating a consistently good candidate experience and establishing equal opportunities among applicants. The solution is twofold - on one hand, you need to work with a digital recruitment solution that saves you time, ensures a consistently good experience, and minimizes human error. On the other hand, you need to focus on blind recruitment, removing the elements in the process that can form the basis for bias and discrimination.

With our recruitment systems, you can digitize your recruitment process and easily implement blind recruitment tools that level the playing field for potential hires.


3. Onboarding 

Onboarding is all about helping new employees adapt (socially and professionally) to their new job. Good onboarding embraces 3 key stages for new employees: Preboarding, Orientation & Induction, and Integration. A good onboarding experience is essential, improving time-to-productivity, employee engagement, and new hire retention. What’s more, onboarding done well can positively impact your bottom line.

With Talmundo, you can create unique onboarding experiences that enhance time-to-productivity, engagement, and employee retention.


4. Talent Management

Talent Management is the ongoing process of facilitating employee development to ensure your staff perform their best and contribute meaningfully. Talent Management is about taking care of employee data, identifying & developing competencies, managing courses, as well as ensuring valuable feedback processes. Good Talent Management supports the development of more satisfied & productive employees that help your organization achieve its goals.

At Talentech, we offer several solutions that can help you develop both your employees and your company. With Talent Manager, you can keep track of your employee data, and manage competencies, courses, feedback processes, and much more.


5. Retention

Retention is about keeping your most talented employees onboard long-term. Some of the most important components of employee retention are motivation, communication, and ongoing, two-way evaluation between company & employee.

At Talentech, we have several solutions that can help you retain your employees. With Weekli HR can deliver weekly, anonymized pulse checks that offer valuable insight into what your employees think and how they feel. This allows you to act on facts rather than gut feelings. With Talent Manager, HR can facilitate ongoing employee development that motivates employees. And with Talmundo you can safeguard retention with the RIGHT onboarding, giving your new employees the best chance to stick with your organization for the long haul. Talmundo can also help you establish crucial reboarding processes for employees returning to your company after an extended absence - including paternity leave, working from home measures, and even burnout.


6. Offboarding

Offboarding is the process of saying goodbye to your employees with dignity. A good offboarding process ensures a smooth process and a streamlined handover of knowledge and experience. In addition, you protect your company's employer brand and give HR insight into the company's challenges.

With Talmundo, you can work purposefully to maintain important knowledge & experience, delivering a powerful offboarding process that positively impacts your company's reputation and future recutitments.


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