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At Talentech, we have a local Support Department, available every day between 8 am and 5 pm to help you with all your system needs.

Our support department is a dedicated team that offers professional, fast and efficient support, with a personal touch, whenever you need it. We balance quick fixes and durable solutions to save you both time and resources.

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What does full customer support at Talentech entail?

Global Support Team

Our Global support team has team members all over the world, from The Netherlands to France, Mexico, Finland, and everywhere in-between. We support you in English and a range of other languages too!

No queues

We are an efficient support department, with streamlined systems and a commitment to fast response times. That’s our promise.


Your challenges are our challenges, and we make sure we learn and improve together. Consider us an extra resource that understands your daily workflows and is there when you need them.

Professional support site

Our industry-leading support site makes it quick and easy to contact support and access guides, video tutorials, FAQs, and much more.

Pitch-perfect professionals

Our support teams have a high level of professionalism and the necessary knowledge to help your unique challenges.

Technically competent support

We are system experts with a wealth of behind-the-scenes knowledge. This lets us gives you quick answers and solutions to even the most complex technical challenges.

A smile over the phone

We always meet you with kindness and a smile that can be felt through the phone. A good day for you as a customer is a good day for us in support!

System status at your fingertips

We always keep you updated on the status of all our systems, so you know what is happening. On our status page, you will find both previous and scheduled operational updates – so you can plan ahead.

"The great support from Talentech means that we have an ongoing collaboration, which helps to ensure quick answers and quick solutions. The responsiveness from support, where I am always greeted by positivity and a want to solve and every challenge, is worth its weight in gold.”

Jeanette Horty Stenrøjl
Business Manager/HRMaster
Gabriel A/S

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