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A security-first approach to working smarter with AI

Talentech’s vision within AI is to be a leading provider of AI-powered HR solutions that optimize and enhance the candidate, employee and employer experience. We are therefore harnessing the power of AI to help our customers improve their HR processes and drive data-driven decision-making, while mitigating the risks associated with AI.

Possibilities with AI

The possibilities of AI cannot be understated, and we are investing to utilize AI in every part of the talent journey, currently focusing on helping our customers making their recruitment processes more efficient and data driven. In doing so, we are both continuously developing and fine-tuning our HR solutions to be in the forefront of AI driven HR, as well as partnering up with AI partners and experts leveraging the best AI technologies.

AI and risks

As with anything in life, utilizing the power of AI is not without risk. By identifying and mitigating the associated risks, we ensure that our vision is fulfilled without compromising the security or rights of candidates and employees.

We ensure Data Privacy and Security by strictly complying with privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, and safeguard the security of personal data at all times. We do not use AI on readable personal data, meaning that we use ways of anonymization instead of personal data in our development and utilization of AI.

In the interpretation of accessible information, AI may create or pass on biases. To ensure Unbiased Decisions and Fairness, we therefore continuously monitor and audit the AI algorithms and results to identify and rectify bias in decision-making processes.



AI as an enabler - not a replacement

AI is an enabler that can be used to enhance efficiency and data-driven decision-making, but it does not replace humans. We therefore ensure to maintain a balance between AI-driven interactions and human contact by having a human-centric approach to HR and our HR solutions, letting AI be an enabler but not a final decision-maker.

The way forward

Through the implementation and constant adaptation and fine-tuning of our AI strategy, we are combining the power of AI with our +20 years of experience as the leading HR tech provider in the Nordics. We help our customers improve the candidate, employee and employer experience – now, and in the future.

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