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User-friendly Referrals Software

Talentech is the leading provider of Recruitment Software, including our user-friendly Referrals Software. Our Referrals Software empowers HR and hiring managers to easily reach candidates that are both qualified and interested through their own employees’ personal networks.

The result? You’ll be able to attract more and better talent, shorten your time-to-hire, increase your candidate quality, and stand much stronger in the war for talent.

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Companies battling for talent are already using our powerful Referrals Software to attract more qualified talent much faster and in a much more budget-friendly way. Take a guided tour below to see how you too can outsmart the war for talent.

What our customers say

By the end of 2021, we had hired 18 new people using employee referrals – people we might not have come into contact with without our amazing employees.

Amanda Lundvall

People Partner hos AddPro

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Referrals features

Referral flow

  • Referral mobile app and web solution
  • Emails and push notifications about new positions
  • Refer candidates
    • LinkedIn connection with referral suggestions
    • Connected to phone contacts
    • Automatically sends notification to referral
  • Auto transfer of interested candidates to ATS 

Candidate experience

  • Job recommendations from candidates' personal networks
  • Simple referral flow
    • Get notified through sms or email
    • Yes/No interest indication

APIs & integrations

  • ATS integrations
  • Slack integration


  • Communication engine
    • Plug and play launch process
    • Automatic notifications
    • Recurring email updates
    • Slack integration
  • Gamification
    • Points depending on the relevance of referrals
    • Highscores and potential competitions
      • Individual
      • Team
      • Collective goals
  • Follow your referrals in real time


  • BI dashboard
    • Number of referrals
    • Number of interested referrals
    • Number of interviewed referrals
    • Number of employed referrals
    • and much more...

Security & Compliance

  • GDPR
  • Single Sign On & Two factor authentification
  • Security audits

Process & Automation

  • Categorization of positions
  •  Communication
    • Notifications to relevant employees
    • In-app launch guide
    • Communication plan template
  • Plan, schedule and pause positions and competitions
  • Integrated with ATS
  • User synchronization with AD

Support & Service

  • Local support from 8-17
  • Implementation and adoption guidance
  • Consultancy services
  • Service level agreement
  • Free webinars, educational blogs, guides and more

Feature highlights

App connected to LinkedIn

Make it super simple for employees to refer someone from their network

  • Employee referral app

  • LinkedIn referral suggestions

  • Employees can follow their referrals in real time

Automated communication

Easily activate your referral program with our automated communication engine

  • Plug and play launch process

  • Automatic notifications/p>

  • Recurring email updates/p>


Easily motivate your employees to refer their peers through fun competitions etc.

  • Highscores and competitions to motivate and engage

  • Individual, team, or collective goals

  • Points depending on the relevance of referrals

Popular Referrals add-ons

Talentech’s recruitment offering consists of Recruitment Software, Recruitment Analytics Software, together with our Referral Tool. Together they make up our most powerful recruitment tech stack. You can pick and choose according to your needs to get the solution that is right for you. Read about our Recruitment Software and Recruitment Analytics Software below.


Benefits of Talentech Referrals

Choosing Talentech's referrals software comes with a lot of benefits. Below you can learn about those that our customers love the most.

From fighting to loopholing the war for talent

Targeting candidates broadly leaves you in intense competition with many and often bigger brands too.

With Talentech Referrals Software you’ll be able to focus your efforts effectively, loophole the competition, and get the attention from even hard-to-get candidates much faster.

  • Job recommendations from candidates’ own entrusted network
  • Targeted position categories to ensure suitable referees and more qualified referrals
  • Points for most relevant referrals

From isolated hiring processes to a transparent collaborative talent network

When starting to recruit more and often isolated and individually driven processes can fall short

With Talentech Referrals Software you can set up a highly engaging process for employee referrals that leverages a collaborative talent network – your employees

  • Automatic notifications and email updates on open positions
  • Gamification with highscores and competitions
    • Individual, team or collective goals
  • Employees can follow their referrals in real time

From taught to natural culture fit

Culture fit is hard to nail and it can take a lot of time for new employees to adjust to company culture

With Talentech’s Referrals Software you are increasing the likelihood of immediate and natural culture fit as candidates are referred by their peers who tells trustworthy stories about culture, work environment, social life and more.

  • Notify only relevant employees to refer their peers
  • Easy employee and candidate communication
    • App connected to LinkedIn and phone contacts

From costly to budget-friendly hiring

Recruiting the right talent can be costly and if you’ve experienced bad recruitments you know that they can be quite expensive too.

With Talentech Referrals Software you can cut costs by leveraging your existing employees’ personal networks and reach top-qualified and interested candidates without the traditional recruitment costs.

  • 1:1 job recommendations from their own network
    • Employees get LinkedIn referral suggestions
    • Employee App connected to phone contacts
  • Referred candidates are automatically notified
    • Easy and automated referral flow
  • Integrated with ATS

From lengthy to swift hiring processes

When targeting job posts too broadly the recruitment process can often be long since more steps are needed to screen, interview, evaluate etc. to find the best qualified candidates. 

With Talentech’s Referrals Software you are able to speed up the hiring process by targeting more qualified candidates from the get go through your employees’ networks. This gives you more and better qualified candidates faster. 

  • Employee referral app
  • Emails and push notifications about new positions
  • Simple referral flow
    • Notification through sms or email
    • Yes/No interest indication

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price for your solutions?

Our prices are adjusted to the size of your company and the complexity of the solution you need. Contact us today to get a price estimate fast.

Do you offer support by phone?

Yes, our local supporters are ready to help you monday-friday from 8-17. Via our support system you can also submit tickets, find usefull guides, tutorials and much more 24/7.

Where can I find technical documentation?

The developer portal holds comprehensive knowledge on how to use our APIs to extend the functionality, access your data and build customized experiences.

What systems do Talentech integrate with?

You can integrate with any system you need as we offer both plug & play integrations and Integrations via our open API. Integrations made simple.

Learn more.

How fast can systems be implemented?

All customers have different needs and available resources. We always take this into account in the implementation phase with very flexible timelines that work for you.

Are your solutions safe and GDPR compliant?

Yes, Talentech complies with all relevant data security and GDPR regulations. Across all solutions you can collect, store, process, and delete data in accordance with GDPR.

More about Referrals Software

What is Referrals Software?

Referrals software helps companies streamline and optimize the process of employee referrals. It allows companies to utilize their existing employees by encouraging them to refer qualified candidates from their personal network to open positions in the company. Referrals software automates the referral process, which makes it easy for employees to recommend candidates, track referrals, and even earn rewards for successful hires.  

What can Referrals Software help you with?

Referrals Software can help you in several ways:

More efficient recruitments:
Referrals Software helps you streamline the hiring process by enabling employees to recommend qualified candidates from their own network in a simple way. It speeds up recruitment, reduces time-to-hire, and helps ensure a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates.

Higher quality candidates:
Referrals Software also helps build a high-quality candidate pool, since referrals come from trusted employees within your company. This improves the likelihood of finding candidates who align with your company culture and values.

Reduced costs:
By leveraging your existing employees as referees, Referrals Software can reduce hiring costs associated with traditional recruitment methods, eg. job boards or agencies.

Improved employer brand:
When your existing employees are willing to refer others to your company they become valuable brand ambassadors. Positive experiences with your company lead to higher employee engagement and a stronger employer brand, which makes you more attractive to the top talents out there.

Engaged employees:
Involving your existing employees in the recruitment process fosters a sense of involvement and ownership within the company. This can truly improve overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

Data-driven insights:  
Referrals Software can provide valuable data and insights on the effectiveness of your referral program. You can keep track of number of referrals, number of interested referrals, interviewed referrals, employed referrals, who is referring, who should get bonusses etc. This data helps to fine-tune your strategy and measure its success.

When does it make sense to invest in Referrals Software?

Investing in referrals software makes sense in several scenarios:

Hard-to-get candidates:
If your company needs to hire specialists that are hard to reach and get the attention from, Referrals Software can help you skip layers and get their attention with the help of your existing employees.

Talent shortage:
If you’re experiencing a talent shortage in your industry, Referrals Software can expand your talent pool by tapping into your employees' networks.

Competitive job market:
In highly competitive job markets where attracting top talent is challenging, a referral program can give you an edge by leveraging your employees' networks.

Cost reduction:
If you're looking to reduce recruitment costs while maintaining or improving the quality of hires, Referrals Software can help you lower expenses associated with traditional hiring methods.

Employee engagement:
When you aim to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, a referral program can involve your employees in the recruitment process, making them feel more connected to your company.

Culture fit:
When culture fit is critical, Referrals Software can help you increase the likelihood of an immediate and natural culture fit as information about company culture, work environment and more are already communicated by someone they trust.

Improved employer brand:
If you're focused on building a strong employer brand and leveraging your employees as brand ambassadors, a well-executed referral program can help you achieve this goal.

Existing employee network:
If you have a sizable and engaged workforce, capitalizing on their personal networks through Referrals Software can add great value.

Long-term talent acquisition:
If you're planning for long-term talent acquisition, a referral program can help build and maintain a valuable talent pipeline.

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