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Talentech is the leading provider of recruitment software, including a powerful recruitment analytics software that helps HR and hiring managers understand and improve their recruitment efforts based on data and insights.

The result? You’ll be able to make data driven and proactive decisions throughout all steps of your recruitment processes and stay ahead in a competitive job market.  

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We can see the conversion rates and point out which channels and efforts create the best results

Laila Madsen

Lead Recruiter, DSB

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Recruitment Analytics features

Recruitment Insights

  • Performance overview
    • Recruitment funnel
    • KPIs
    • Cost
    • Time-to-fill
    • Time-to-interview
    • Traffic
    • Channels
  • Sources
  • Positions
  • Categories
  • Departments
  • Job countries
  • Talent managers
  • Visitor locations
  • Custom reports


  • Benchmarking based on aggregated data
    • Recruitment speed per job category
    • Media performance by applications
  • Benchmark breakdown by country, job category and sources

APIs & integrations

  • Marketplace with plug and play integrations
  • Developer friendly APIs
  • Customized integrations

Employer Branding

  • Internal benchmarking
  • Career site and landing page analytics
    • Content insights
    • Candidate journey insights

Tracking tools

  • Tracking links
  • UTM tracking

  • What is tracked
    • Website
    • ATS
    • Campaigns

Security & Compliance

  • Multi-device support
  • GDPR
  • Accessibility (WCAG)
  • Single Sign On & Two factor authentification
  • SSL, Data and Email encryption
  • Security audits

Employee Advocacy

  • Overview on job views, clicks, shares, and engagement at the following levels:
    • Posts
    • Ambassadors
  • E-mail template editor

Support & Service

  • Local support from 8-17
  • Implementation
  • Consultancy services
  • Service level agreement
  • Free webinars, educational blogs, guides and more

Feature highlights

Recruitment sources

  • Job views and form views per source

  • Applications, interviews and hires per source

  • Time-to-first-interview and time-to-fill per source

  • Performance per channel. And much more...

Position Insights

  • Traffic-trends for online positions

  • KPIs per position

  • Costs per position

  • Your recruitment funnel

Employer Branding Analysis

  • Get actionable insights on how to improve your career site

  • Quickly understand what content works and what doesn’t

  • Oversee your candidate journey with ease and quickly identify areas of improvement

Popular Analytics add-ons

We offer several different recruitment modules in order to meet your needs as they grow. These can easily be switched on and off to your solution, which makes it even more simple for you to start using them.


Benefits of Talentech Analytics

There are many benefits of choosing Talentech's Recruitment Analytics software. Below are some of those that our customers value the most. 

From guessing to knowing what employer branding initiatives create the most impact

A lack of data and insights about which efforts truly make an impact in attracting the right talent can lead to missed opportunities, increased costs, and slower time-to-hire.

With Talentech's Recruitment Analytics software you can say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in your recruitment efforts. You’ll be able to point out the specific initiatives that drive value and results.

  • Career site and landing page analytics
    • Content insights
    • Candidate journey insights

From reactive to proactive decision making throughout the recruitment process

Without any data on how your recruitments perform you will easily end up reacting to challenges as they arise, and repeat mistakes that could have been avoided.

With Talentech’s Recruitment Analytics software you’ll gain data and insights that allow you to go from reactive to proactive decision-making throughout your recruitment process.

  • Performance analytics by
    • Source
    • Position
    • Category
    • Department and more

From widespread budget allocation to laser sharp budget optimization

Without knowing which sources that deliver tangible results, you’ll quickly spend time and money on sources that do not perform.

With Talentech you can oversee the exact performance of all your sources and allocate budget where it creates the most impact.

  • Views, applications, interviews, hires etc. as distributed by
    • Channel
    • Job board
    • Social media

From time-consuming data gathering to actionable and readily available data and insights

It takes time to gather data and make sense of it all when data is spread out, outdated and disconnected.

With Talentech’s Recruitment Analytics Software you’ll have your data served on a silver platter making it easy to understand, act, and report on your recruitment efforts.

  • Recruitment Overview
    • Funnel
    • Positions (filled and open)
    • Top 10 sources
    • Devices
    • Diversity
    • Candidate quality and more
  • Real time data
  • Automated reports

From claiming to proving the impact of your recruitment efforts

Reporting back to management based on gut feelings has limited credibility, especially if there is zero data to back it up.

With Talentech’s Recruitment Analytics you can easily showcase and report on your recruitment efforts based on data and insights that proves the value of what you do

  • Performance overviews
    • Funnel
    • KPIs
    • Cost
    • Time-to-fill and Time-to-interview
    • Traffic, Channels, Sources and more
  • Benchmarking
  • Custom reports

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price for your solutions?

Our prices are adjusted to the size of your company and the complexity of the solution you need. Contact us today to get a price estimate fast.

Do you offer support by phone?

Yes, our local supporters are ready to help you monday-friday from 8-17. Via our support system you can also submit tickets, find usefull guides, tutorials and much more 24/7.

Where can I find technical documentation?

The developer portal holds comprehensive knowledge on how to use our APIs to extend the functionality, access your data and build customized experiences.

What systems do Talentech integrate with?

You can integrate with any system you need as we offer both plug & play integrations and Integrations via our open API. Integrations made simple.

Learn more.

How fast can systems be implemented?

All customers have different needs and available resources. We always take this into account in the implementation phase with very flexible timelines that work for you.

Are your solutions safe and GDPR compliant?

Yes, Talentech complies with all relevant data security and GDPR regulations. Across all solutions you can collect, store, process, and delete data in accordance with GDPR.

More about Recruitment Analytics software

What is recruitment analytics software?

Recruitment analytics software is a data-driven tool that collects and analyzes recruitment data. Recruitment Analytics software provides deep insights into the entire recruitment process and enable more proactive decision-making at every stage of it.

What can recruitment analytics software help you with?

Recruitment Analytics software can help you with a wide range of things. In a nutshell, it helps you analyze, understand, and proactively act on your recruitment data.

  • It gives you detailed data on where and how you reach the right candidates. This allows you to optimize your efforts as well as your recruitment budget for maximum impact.
  • Recruitment Analytics can also help you gain insights into the effectiveness of your employer branding initiatives, which allow you to tailor your efforts accordingly and hence swiftly do more of what works well and shut down inefficient initiatives.
  • Furthermore, Recruitment Analytics can provide insights into the different factors impacting the candidate experience, which makes it easier for you to improve the areas that matter the most to your candidates.
  • Lastly, Recruitment Analytics software can help you assess the performance across your organization against insightful benchmarks
When does it make sense to invest in recruitment analytics software?

There are several factors that can point to a need for investing in recruitment analytics software. Here are some of them:

High volume hiring
If you recruit regularly and recruit a significant number of candidates then recruitment analytics software can provide invaluable data-driven insights that can help you streamline and optimize the process.

The fight for talent
If the competition for top talent is tough, recruitment analytics software can give you an edge by helping you identify and attract the best candidates more efficiently.

Reducing costs
If reducing costs is big on your agenda then recruitment analytics software can help you identify areas where you can reduce or reallocate spending and improve ROI.

Multi sourcing channels
If you use several recruitment channels (job boards, social media, referrals etc.) then recruitment analytics can help you point out which channels are most effective, which allows you to focus your efforts and resources accordingly.

Improving quality of hire
If you want to make sure that you are hiring highly talented people that you can develop and retain over time then recruitment analytics is great as it can provide valuable insights into the quality of your hires.

If diversity is a key factor in your recruitment strategy then recruitment analytics software can help you track and report on just that, helping you to meet your goals.

Continuous improvement
If you would like to be able to continuously improve your recruitment efforts based on data and not just gut feelings then recruitment analytics software can provide the necessary metrics and insights to advance your efforts over time.

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