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Becoming Bacardi

Bacardi is a vibrant, family-owned spirits company, with over 7000 employees worldwide.

Using the Talmundo by Talentech software as the centerpiece of their onboarding environment, Bacardi has developed a unique onboarding journey filled with engaging, dynamic content. In fact, they don't even call it onboarding, it’s called ‘Becoming Bacardi’, and it’s all about welcoming their new team members, or ‘Primos’ as they call them, into the Bacardi family.

The journey

‘Becoming Bacardi’ consists of three unique journeys, each with its own purpose and series of engaging content:


Delivered to the potential new hire before their first interview.

Consists of engaging, storytelling content that is designed to prepare the candidate for interview - such as the ‘Bat Pack’, a sneak-peek look at Bacardi’s history, purpose, culture and ‘Primo’ stories.


Once the new hire signs their contract, they are invited to join the ‘Becoming Bacardi’ app, powered by Talmundo, where they will be introduced to their buddy and the team, explore the full onboarding journey and begin learning about Bacardi and their new role, at their own pace.

First 90 Days

Through the Becoming Bacardi app, new hires are guided through a ‘first 90 days’ plan and are encouraged to build their own ‘Primo’ profile including a welcome video.

Afterwards it’s time to jump offline, and on to the bar for a course in Bacardi mixology!

“[Talmundo by Talentech] turned out to be a fantastic tool that is serving its purpose. It’s really well integrated with our culture, and we have a great partnership with the Talmundo people.”

Sandra Janbell, Global Director Learning & Development

The results

Bacardi has seen great success with their efforts in engaging their new hires throughout the onboarding process.

They utilize app-based ‘pulse check’ quizzes to gauge how new hires are feeling throughout the timeline with exceptional results across the board:


An amazing candidate experience, from beginning to end 4.72/5


Greatly increases my knowledge of Bacardi 4.81/5


Great introduction to Bacardi, culture and business context 4.76/5

90 days

Really excited to work for Bacardi 4.79/5

First week

Great welcome from my manager 4.84/5

Career | 180 days

Great career development conversations with managers 4.38/5

Bacardi did it.

You can too!

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