NAF - Scandinavia’s largest membership organization

NAF - Scandinavia’s largest membership organization

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NAF has over the years become the Nordic region’s largest membership organization, and today, 25 procent of all motorists in Norway are part of the organization. It is this large number of members which makes up NAF’s foundation, and it has made them the large and important organization that they are today.

NAF has over 70 local associations throughout Norway which are divided in various fields such as road assistance, vehicle testing/inspection, driver training, trade, consumer assistance, etc. The combination of the employees’ work, together with great commitment from the many volunteers has given NAF the opportunity to successfully make their message known in the public debate. Because of this, NAF has been able to help make even better conditions for Norwegian road users.

We have very different capacities at our offices and a wide variety in the recruitments we implement. This means that we need flexible solutions to simplify and streamline our work.


Flexibility for a multi-faceted business

Talentech's recruitment system has helped NAF in creating recruitment ads that is both simple to administer and easy for applicants to fill in. Many times, the practical knowledge is the most important, such as when recruiting mechanics. For this type of recruitment where practical knowledge is the most important need, a simple form is all that is needed to attract candidates. Other recruitments require more documents and have considerably more questions. This variety has demanded that Talentech's recruitment system is flexible and adjustable.

Good service goes both ways

NAF’s success-factor has always been to be close to its members and listen to their needs, thoughts, and ideas. Because of this, they have always been able to offer their members good and fast service just when it is needed most. It has worked similarly between Talentech and NAF. The few times that a question has popped up, Talentech has been quickly able to provide an answer and a solution.

With the help of Talentech, our tasks become much easier. It is very reassuring to know that we can always get help when it is needed. That way, we can focus entirely on doing what is best for our members.


NAF did it.

Now it's your turn!

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