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Archiving by the book – easy, safe, and profitable

Together with many other public organizations, The Norwegian Directorate for Education & Training is forced to follow strict rules and regulations of documentation for the recruitment process.

Through a seamless integration between ePhorte (an administrative and archive solution delivered by EVRY) and Webcruiter by Talentech, they have been able to complete regulatory journaling.

They have also achieved an easier, more stress-free workday – and they’ve saved valuable time.


Prior to the integration, Archive Manager Kjetil Holsæter, experienced complications with transferring valuable data from their previous recruitment system.

“There were issues with newer versions all the time, of both ePhorte and the supported software. We also had a lot of trouble with importing attachments”.

Kjetil Holsæter, Archive Manager

The process

The Integration between ePhorte and Webcruiter was set up with EVRY and Gecko (the developer of ePhorte) as supportive contributors.

“The process of setting up the integration was quite simple and didn’t call for much work and energy from us. We received thorough support from all parties and we were always met by service-minded consultants”

Kjetil Holsæter, Archive Manager

The results

After a successful integration-project, the 9 to 5 has a completely different outlook for Archive Manager Holsæter.

Everything done by the book

Today it works like this: vital documents that are to be archived will be archived immediately. Everything runs smoothly without the assistance of archivists.

The reward for the archive department is saved time and saved journaling, with a huge reduction in manual work like scanning and importing applications.

Now that applications are automatically registered in ePhorte, they are well within the rules and regulations of journaling and also very efficient.

A profitable investment

According to Holsæter, there is no doubt that the investment in Webcruiter, and the integration with ePhorte has been a smart and profitable investment.

They’ve saved huge amounts of time with more efficient journaling and not having to manually write applicant lists - something that was previously an extraordinary drain on team resources.

An easier workday for everybody involved

The archive isn’t the only winner here - the system has also led to an easier workday for both the HR-team and jobseekers.

Jobseekers are saving plenty of time submitting CV’s and the system also saves the documents for later use. There are also many other organizations and departments using Webcruiter, so applicants have the ability to copy their CV between them all.

“Our workload in HR has decreased significantly which has given us time to focus elsewhere! The system allows us a better overview of jobseekers and their process history, which gives us the ability to offer managers and applicants better support and service.”

Rune Berge, HR Consultant

A system that actually works

The system and the integration actually works, Holsæter concludes, and he has no problem recommending Webcruiter and the ePhorte integration to others.

NDET did it.

You can too!

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